Ford Ranger?! That’s something truck fans here in the U.S. haven’t heard in awhile, at least in the terms of new trucks. The Ford Ranger is a beloved truck and still has a loyal following to this day. Hang tight Ranger fans, there could be a sign of hope head! Ford was caught testing the global Ford Ranger prototype in Colorado, and it’s new facelift gives hope that it could be tailored to the likes of truck drivers in the United States.

With GM re-introducing the Colorado, and Nissan and Toyota putting smaller trucks out there, it would only make sense that Ford would get involved again. The Ranger’s previous success and loyal following still today should be enough to launch the comeback.

But Ford has been busy with its all new aluminum F-150 releasing for 2015 and they are planning to overhaul the design of the Super Duty series. Seems that there plate is already a bit full to be taking on a U.S. edition of the Ford Ranger.

What are your thoughts? How many of you would love to see the Ford Ranger make a comeback in the U.S. market? Leave us some notes in the comments about what you would want from a new Ford Ranger!

Ford Ranger

Could the Ford Ranger be making a U.S. comeback?
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