So summer is almost over and kids will be heading back to school soon, but you didn’t quite travel as you had expected. No need to fear, you can take a road trip around New Mexico and find sights you probably didn’t know existed!

We make it easy for you and give you the top ten places you should check out in New Mexico.

  1. Lincoln, NM – Once you hit Lincoln, you are officially in Bill the Kid territory! Be sure to check out the old Lincoln County Courthouse to recap Billy the Kid’s adventures.
  2. Spaceport America – Although it is currently under construction, it is still a must see. It will allow for efficient, affordable, and effective access to space by the world’s first purpose built commercial spaceport. How cool!
  3. Santa Rosa / Puerto de Luna, NM – Along historic Route 66 you will find amazing gardens and landscapes, great dining, and beautiful historic architecture. Make sure to check out the Blue Hole!
  4. Cloudcroft, NM – This town has a 110 year history and is absolutely beautiful. You can fish, mountain bike, golf, and check out their arts community.
  5. Mora Valley, NM – Be sure to check out the ruins of Fort Union, the largest 19th century military fort in the region!
  6. Truth or Consequences – Need a spa getaway? Be sure to take advantages of the hot springs spa district to soothe away your stress and tension.
  7. The NM Turquoise Trail – Plan a day for this adventure to fully take in the 50 mile stretch down Highway 14 and don’t forget to stop by the Mine Shaft Tavern.
  8. Dixon, NM – Into local brew? Be sure to stop in to the Blue Heron Brewing Company while you’re out and about checking out the local eats and live music.
  9. Chama, NM – Watch wildlife roam through the town and camp overnight. You can also get a full view of the Milky Way up above!
  10. Fourth of July Canyon, Manzano Mountains – Save this trip for October to really take in the beautiful colors.

These places should keep you busy for the remainder of the summer. Let us know where you went on your adventures and call us if you need help preparing your vehicle for the trip!


New Mexico Road Trip

10 New Mexico Road Trips that are Definitely Worth the Travel
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