There are eighty million in the millennial generation, and a Ford is what the majority of them want to drive. At least that is what research shows. Studies from 2008-2013 were done asking potential and actual vehicle buyers about their preferences and buying behaviors. From the data collected they found that millennials really want a Ford vehicle, whether they are purchasing now or not.

Millennials are those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, coming out of the college and into the world doesn’t always provide the means to buy the vehicle you want. But when this group is ready, they are eyeing vehicles like the Ford Focus and Fiesta. They are also at a point where they are ready to purchase at a time when Ford is overhauling its entire vehicle lineup.

This age group is readying to have children or already have children which explain the spike in consideration in buying SUVs like the Ford Escape and Explorer. These are two of the vehicles that have had major overhauls to really appeal to that generation.

Are you a millennial looking to purchase a vehicle soon? Are you considering a Ford? Come in today to take one for a spin and see how you like it!

Ford Escape

Ford is the apple of millennial eyes
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