The new 2015 Ford Mustang is getting rave reviews all over the Internet, from enthusiasts and industry-members who’ve had the privilege of getting to test out this vehicle, which is the first Mustang engineered by Ford with the specific intent to be sold around the world.

It’s an affordable vehicle, with models starting out at just $23,600, but its technology puts it on par with cars that are much pricier. The global 2015 Ford Mustang is not a vehicle to be passed on because of price.

Now that the Mustang can be sold around the world, its cult following will likely grow even larger. “The 2015 is the most important Mustang in many years. It’s a major transition,” said Matt Anderson, a transportation curator at the Henry Ford Museum.

Some journalists are even calling the 2015 Mustang “without question, the best Mustang ever,” adding that it “will take your breath away.” The global 2015 Ford Mustang is poised to steal the hearts of drivers around the world.

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Global 2015 Ford Mustang

Global 2015 Ford Mustang Ready to Take Over the World

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