We at Gurley Motors are proud to serve right here in our local community, whether that is through providing you and your family with a much-needed new vehicle or donating our time and financial resources to various community events and causes. Apparently, Ford dealers across the country and around the world feel the same way. With the results of Ford’s Survey on Dealer Giving reported, we’ve learned dealers gave a total of nearly $100 million to charitable causes and organizations and close to 1 million hours of volunteer work.

Of the dealers who completed the survey, 82% donated financially to various non-profit organizations and 95% spent their time serving to make their communities a better place.

Children’s causes topped the list of non-profits receiving dealer donations followed by education and scholarships, religious organizations, veterans’ causes, and hunger relief.

“These amazing results exemplify the pattern of caring and compassion we have come to recognize among Ford dealers across the globe,” said chair of the Salute to Dealers awards program and Ford board member, Edsel B. Ford II. “We know that regardless of the challenges our dealers face, contributing at this level is done not just out of a sense of duty, but out of a passion they share with their employees and customers.”

For us, it is certainly a privilege to work alongside the community and assist in making it a better place in any way we can. This is home for us too.

$100 million to charitable causes

Ford Dealers Donate Nearly $100 Million to Charitable Causes

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