The Ford Performance division has been very busy lately. Literally rocking the automotive world with the recent release of the Ford GT350 and Ford supercar, it’s also on the brink of releasing the Ford Focus RS, a performance-enhanced version of the Focus. Now, word ‘round the campfire says that the automaker is looking to give the Ford Fiesta the same sort of performance treatment.

“There’s more to come from the current Fiesta,” Ford Performance manager Tyrone Johnson told AutoCar. Does that mean an RS version is forthcoming? After all, the Ford Fiesta ST was the feel-good international hit of 2013. Does he only mean that the ST will be continued?

What’s the difference between ST and RS, anyways? AutoCar explains that “ST models are considered ‘enhanced’ versions of existing models, whereas RS cars come in the ‘high-performance bracket.’”

In the end, Johnson said that if money can be made and if Ford has the tools and resources to put it together, a Ford Fiesta RS is “theoretically” possible.

Ford Fiesta RS

Ford Fiesta RS May Be in the Works
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