One of the scariest feelings when driving a car has to be that blink of a moment when you realize that the car has begun to spin out. Many cars can recognize that they are skidding and are able to utilize anti-skid technology, but Ford is taking it one step further.

The automaker announced new tech last week that will enable vehicles to actually realize when they are about to skid, as opposed to when they are already skidding. The vehicle then applies the brakes in such a way that the car continues to go straight.

The difference in time between traditional anti-skid technology and the new “Enhanced Transitional Stability,” which will be available in the 2015 Ford Focus, is minimal at a mere 100- to 200-milliseconds, but anyone who’s been in a skid-related accident knows exactly what a difference this change could make.

What do you think of the new Ford anti-skid technology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Ford Anti-skid Technology

New Predictive Ford Anti-skid Technology Available in the 2015 Focus
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