Ford has announced an expansion in its partnership with Microsoft that will allow automatic infotainment system updates. Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, Ford infotainment system updates will automatically happen when the car connects to a Wi-Fi network, eliminating the need for manual updates, either by the dealership or vehicle owner.

The system, called the Ford Service Delivery Network, is expected to be available in all Ford vehicles by the end of 2016, although some new Ford vehicles will feature the automatic update technology as soon as this year. The computers found in new Ford vehicles will be more like actual computers, allowing users to refresh a car’s entertainment, navigation, and communication systems.

Updates happen seamlessly, without needing any action from the driver. The updates happen behind-the-scenes, so they aren’t time-consuming or distracting.

“We couldn’t do this without the cloud,” Don Butler, Ford’s executive director of Connected Vehicle and Services said to Computerworld. “It’s really the only way to do it. Otherwise, we’d still need people to make a physical connection either at the dealer or through a stick.”

The Ford Service Delivery Network will also offer an array of connectivity features that will keep owners informed on their vehicles’ status. For example, owners will have the ability to schedule a remote start, locate their vehicles, and check their vehicle status/service needed.

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Ford infotainment system updates

Ford Infotainment System Updates to Happen Automatically with Microsoft Cloud
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