It turns out that the remote control double-sided remote control car, “Ricohet,” and the 2015 Ford Edge Design have more in common than just four wheels – they have the same designer.

Kevin George, now the exterior design manager for the 2015 Edge crossover, spent 12 years designing toys for small kids including the before-mentioned “Ricochet,” “Jurassic Park” tour trucks, “Batman” vehicles, and NASCAR models for the Kenner toy company. However, in 2001, George made the switch to car design. “The passion that kids had for their toys – I want them to grow up and have that same passion for their cars,” says George.

The toy car designer turned Ford car designer’s first assignment in his new position at the Blue Oval Company was as chief interior designer for the 2005 Mustang, and as it turns out, it was a similar process to toy making. “They do things the same way…With a movie toy you ask yourself: ‘What is the core fantasy of this film?’ With a car it’s the same. ‘What is it that people like about a ‘67 Mustang?’ I knew what to do. I knew how to capture the essence of the Mustang,’” says George. And the same can be said for the lean look of the 2015 Ford Edge.

Sure to excite the kid in you, be sure to come visit Gurley Motors to see the design quality imbued into our Ford fleet.

2015 Ford Edge Design

2015 Ford Edge Design Stems from Former Toy Creator
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