After a recent stunt at his workplace, Matt West is definitely in the bidding for world’s coolest dad. West, a Ford employee, and his son, Blade, recently broke the world record for largest Hot Wheels ramp.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the story began when West was tooling around with his Hot Wheels tracks he had as a kid. He found that he could link them up with his son’s tracks. The loop he was building “kept getting bigger.” At some point in his backyard, West had a 5-foot loop.

After doing some research, West wanted to created a 12.5 foot loop to break the then-record, which was 9.9 feet. But when could he set it up?

Is there a more perfect venue than a Ford research center for such a stunt? That’s where West works and the atrium has a 3rd floor balcony, a needed feature since a 12.5 foot loop would require a lengthy ramp. Enlisting the help of his fellow Ford engineers, the track was constructed and in front of a crowd, West and his son broke the Hot Wheels loop world record as cheers echoed in the atrium.

hot wheels loop world record

Ford Employee and Son Break Hot Wheels Loop World Record

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