If you drive a Ford vehicle sometime in the near future, your headlights might be smarter than you. That’s because Ford is currently developing some seriously intelligent headlight technology to go with the innovative tech it already has.

There is almost nothing these headlights of the future can’t do. The new Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System technology gives the headlights the ability to widen the beam, making it easier to see at junctions or roundabouts.

Spot Lighting technology can recognize pedestrians, cyclists, or large animals that are on or near the road. These nascent technologies combine with the already available Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Front Lighting System to make what amounts to a super-headlight.

Ford explains that the Ford smart headlights use GPS information. When that’s not available, the system employs “a forward-facing video camera mounted in the rear-view mirror base to detect lane markings and predict the road’s curvature.” What’s even cooler is that Ford stores this info and when the next Ford vehicle heads down that same road, the headlights know just which way to shine.

Ford Smart Headlights Can Widen, Illuminate Pedestrians, Fry an Egg

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