The United Auto Workers union has been in talks with various automakers with factories in Detroit over the past few months. Now a contract has finally been approved with Ford, the last automaker to negotiate a four-year agreement with the union. The UAW-Ford contract passes by a narrow majority.

“This agreement provides a good foundation for Ford Motor Company, our employees and our communities as we work together to create an even stronger business in the years ahead,” said John Fleming, Ford’s head of Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs.

UAW production members reached a 51% in favor of the contract, a slim majority. Skilled trades members were just as closely divided, with 52% voting in favor. Salaried workers had the overwhelming majority with 92% voting to approve the new contract.

All three Detroit-based companies, Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler, have come to agreements on new four year contracts. Now all three automakers can shift their focus to multi-billion dollar product plans over in the coming years. Those plans include reinstating and retooling plants, improving existing products, and investing in new products.

We here at Gurley Motor Company are ready for four year of peace and prosperity in the auto industry!

UAW-Ford Contract

UAW-Ford Contract Passes
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