Albuquerque is a city that is made up of diverse cultures. That means a lot of delicious food that’s available to eat! When you are in the city, here are 5 Albuquerque restaurants you have to try.

  1. Mary and Tito’s Café

If you are looking for all the best New Mexican dishes, then your one-stop spot is Mary and Tito’s Café. Located near the University of New Mexico, Mary and Tito’s is a favorite for both locals and college students.

  1. Giovanni’s Pizzeria

If pizza is something you crave, the best pies are at Giovanni’s Pizzeria. It’s the toppings that really bring these pies to life!

  1. Tuscanos Brazilian Grill

At this Brazilian steakhouse, the staff brings a wide variety of meats to your table for you to try. Indulge in all the meat you could ever want!

  1. La Crepe Michel

You probably wouldn’t expect to find French crepes in Albuquerque. However, this restaurant in Old Town is the perfect place for the French Delicacy.

  1. Shark Reef Café

The food at this last restaurant is great. However, what really sets the Shark Reef Café apart is that you get to eat sitting right next to the aquarium’s shark tank! We hope you brought your appetite!

Albuquerque Restaurants

5 Albuquerque Restaurants You Have to Try

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