There’s no game quite as classic and iconic as Monopoly, and an aspect of the famous board game includes the various tokens used to represent the players as they move around the board. In days past, one of the most sought-after tokens was the race car. However, Monopoly is releasing a new version of the classic board game titled ‘Monopoly Empire,’ and the race car token is being replaced by something just as all-American and legendary as the game itself – a Ford Mustang Monopoly token.

There’s one major difference between the new Empire version of the game and Classic Monopoly; instead of buying, selling, and trading real estate, Empire will deal with owning different brands, allowing players to build their own personal business empire. Monopoly Empire will feature 22 different brands, including Ford Motor Company. Other brands in the game include Universal Parks & Resorts and Polaroid.

Hasbro commented on the inclusion of the Mustang as one of its tokens, stating, “We are thrilled that the Ford Mustang is one of the tokens. Like Monopoly, it’s an iconic brand loved by kids and families and a fun twist on the car token in the Classic Monopoly game.”

Aside from the Mustang Monopoly token, other tokens included with Monopoly Empire will be a Transformers head, the XBox controller, a Caterpillar excavator, a Wilson tennis racquet, and a PUMA shoe. The board game went on sale following the game’s 81st anniversary on World Monopoly Day on March 19th.

Ford Mustang Monopoly Token Added to Game’s New Empire Edition

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