Most people know by now about 2016 Ford F-150’s aluminum body. The competition has been quick to misrepresent what that means to make it seem as though it wasn’t as “tough” as pickup trucks made of steel—so let’s clear that right up.

It’s important to note that it’s only the body of the F-150 that is made of aluminum, and not just any aluminum at that, but military-grade alloy that has been heated treated to the point that it is even stronger than the steel it replaced.

The frame is, of course, still high-strength steel, because that’s the part that bears all of the weight of the vehicle and the stress of whatever you might be hauling. The result is a truck that’s just as tough as it has always been, except more than 700 pounds lighter, which enhances… well, everything. A lighter truck means that more of its power can go toward hauling and towing, it means better fuel economy, and it even improves the handling.

Ultimately, there’s every reason to love the Ford F-150’s aluminum body. Just see for yourself at Gurley Motor Co!

2016 Ford F-150’s Aluminum Body Makes It Lighter, Tougher, Better

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