There are few cities that can truly claim to offer an adventure unlike any other. Gallup, New Mexico, is one of those cities thanks to its incredible events, memorable activities, and emphasis on the outdoors. Here are some of the top reasons Gallup is the adventure capital of New Mexico from us here at Gurley Motor Company.

  • History – From the 200 million year-old cliffs at the Red Rock Park and Museum to the culture of the Anasazi Indians, Gallup’s history is one of adventure, turmoil, and constant change that should appeal to history buffs and curious children alike. Much of the city’s culture is derived from modern Native Americans like the Navajo and Hopi tribes.
  • Events – Designed to be the definition of the “Wild Wild West,” Gallup’s events are exciting to say the least. Spring and summer are packed with rodeo events like the Wild Thing bull riding championship and Wrangler Best of the Best Timed Event Invitational. Come August, Gallup puts on the annual Inter-Tribal Ceremonial—five days of Native American dancing, authentic foods, music, rodeo performances, and much, much more. Finally, in December, the Red Rock Balloon Rally launches more than 200 balloons above Red Rock Park.
  • Outdoors and Sports – Taking a ride on the wild side may as well be Gallup’s motto. From the abundant rock climbing, hiking, and biking trails, adventure is right around the corner. With thousands of recreational areas, a local shooting range, and Gallup Motocross Park, Gallup is undoubtedly the adventure capital of New Mexico
Gallup, New Mexico – Adventure Capital of New Mexico
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