Hitting the open road in a Ford Mustang is the perfect way to spend an afternoon, day, or weekend. It doesn’t matter whether your particular model is a convertible or not, taking a drive in your Ford Mustang is an experience unlike any other. New Mexico is a great place to hit the road thanks to its lovely scenery. Here are a few great places to drive your Mustang from us here at Gurley Motor Co.

  • Abo Pass Trail Scenic Byway – A unique route in itself, the Abo Pass Trail features natural beauty that can’t be found anywhere else. The route connects to the remains of the Abo Pueblo and has been shaped by explorers and both foreign and domestic.
  • Billy the Kid Scenic Byway – This route is named after the infamous Billy the Kid, a popular subject of the Wild West. Billy the Kid Trail passes through celebrates the history behind the mystery, offering a truly unique experience where legends come to life.
  • Enhanced Circle Scenic Byway – Drive your Mustang through some of the most scenic areas in New Mexico on the Enhanced Circle Scenic Byway. Features include the first Vietnam War veterans’ first memorial as well as hiking and camping locations.
Scenic Places to Drive Your Ford Mustang in New Mexico
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