If we had to choose the perfect vehicle for exploring New Mexico, one that can take you to every corner with ease, we would choose the Ford Explorer—America’s most popular SUV. Here are some of the best places to explore New Mexico in your Explorer.

  • Chaco Canyon. This amazing location offers breathtaking history as an ancient ancestral home at the intersection of both the Hopi and Pueblo people. In addition, it is an International Dark Sky Park and offers jaw-dropping views of the night sky.
  • Santa Fe. Head east to Santa Fe to get your fill of art, culture, and food. Visit the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, the Museum of International Folk Art, and be sure to stop at the Kakawa Chocolate House.
  • For astronomy buffs, alien believers, and more, head south to the VLA (Very Large Array) in Socorro. Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of Jodi Foster listening for the next alien message.
  • Mogollon Ghost Town. This town used to be home to thousands of miners, but after the mine closed in the 1970s, it was left abandoned. Today, it has a sparse population and is an ideal place for photography, birdwatching, camping, and hiking.

What is your favorite destination to explore in New Mexico?

Best Places to Explore New Mexico in Your Explorer

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