How to Carve a Pumpkin

  1. Hollow out the Pumpkin: To do this, use a serrated knife to cut a wide circle around the top stem. Then, using a spoon, spatula or a fleshing tool, scrape out the pulp, flesh and seeds. If you want to save any of this for any reason (toasted pumpkin seeds, anyone?) put all of it in a bowl and set aside. Otherwise, it can go straight into the trash.
  2. Prepare and Transfer Your Design: There are plenty of books and online resources this time of year that offer you hundreds of design ideas. Print one of these out and adhere your design to your pumpkin. You can also create your own design on paper or directly onto the pumpkin. Then, carefully trace your design by poking holes around the shapes with a sharp needle tool.
  3. Carve! Once you’ve traced your selected design, you can remove the template. You should be able to see your marks from the tracing. Using a sharp tool for step two makes it physically easier to perform step three, because you’ve already got a head start in cutting through. Carefully use a miniature saw or a similar, serrated tool to carve out your design. Now all you need is a candle inside, and your jack-’o-lantern will be the spookiest on the block!
How to Carve a Pumpkin in Three Easy Steps
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