Whether you’re visiting for the first time, or whether you’ve lived here your whole life, you’ve probably realized that there is no shortage of great places to eat in New Mexico. Here are our top five.

Sparky’s in Hatch

Hatch is known as the chili capital of the world, and even the local place with the burgers and shakes knows how to tout their chili pride. Known for the famous Hatch Chile Burger—never one to disappoint—Sparky’s also serves cheese fries, BBQ, and milkshakes.

Little Red Hamburger Hut in Albuquerque

If you fancy a burger sans chilis, then this family-owned place should do the trick. There’s still a chili-esque twist to many menu items, but the little red cheeseburger is a tasty, messy alternative.

El Paragua in Espanola

For one of many takes on authentic Mexican in New Mexico, make a stop at El Paragua. The real toss-up is whether it will be the wonderful service or the amazing burritos that keep you coming back.

El Modelo in Albuquerque

El Modelo has a retro exterior that gives you a good feeling before you even walk into the door. Whether you’re dreaming of tamales, sopaipillas or a breakfast burrito, El Modelo does it all and does it well.

Badlands Grill in Gallup

For a dining experience with Western flare, great service, and unique menu options like green chile beef soup (or just a plain old steak), try Badlands Grill. After all, this gem is in our own backyard!

Top 5 Places to Eat in New Mexico
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