Ford has been a driving force behind autonomous vehicles and the American automaker’s most recent investment only further validates that. The company recently invested $1 billion into an artificial intelligence startup in Pittsburgh.

The five-year investment will fund Argo AI, an artificial intelligence startup company. The company will continue to develop a virtual driver platform scheduled for use in Ford’s autonomous vehicles. Those vehicles are scheduled to be in production by 2021.

Argo AI plans to have a staff of 200 engineers by the end of the year. Brian Salesky, formerly with Google’s autonomous car program, and Peter Rander, formerly of Uber’s self-driving car operations, founded the startup late last year.

With Ford’s planned release of autonomous vehicles just four years away, the massive investment is clearly a step in the right direction. Argo AI will work on the software that will control the vehicle, free of human interaction.

Ford’s artificial intelligence is far from lacking. The automaker has been developing its own software platform in recent years and has made dramatic advances within the industry. Now, Ford and Argo AI are teaming up to develop what is hopefully an incredible feat of technology.

We here at Gurley Motor Company can’t wait to see what successes come from Ford’s artificial intelligence investment!

Ford's Artificial Intelligence - 2017 Ford Fusion

Ford’s Artificial Intelligence Investment

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