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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields have grown steadily over the years, thanks in part to support from automakers like Ford. The American automaker is taking things one step further by adding Arts to the list. The end result is Ford’s STEAM in Action program where students are able to fire up their artistic passions to develop a broader view of the industry.

Ford has been on the cutting edge of development when it comes to creating a better world. Industry-leading technology, efficiency, and capability have built a reputation for innovation throughout the world. Now, Ford is aiming to make an impact on students who have a vested interest in STEAM careers.

Education First

By funding programs like the STEAM Academies and Ford High School Science and Technology Program, students are able to nurture their interests freely. To help get things started, Ford has also partnered with the Girl Scouts, Destination Imagination, and FIRST.

Ford has been inspiring the youth of America to get interested and active in STEM fields. Now the brand is working to increase their creativity and view of the world as well. It all adds up to the next generation of better, brighter, and more creative innovations, inventions, and mobility.

Here at Gurley Motor Company, we’re happy to see students getting the education they deserve!

Ford’s STEAM in Action Program
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