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People love their cars. They also love to meet up with other people who also love cars to show off and make friends. However, not all car show guests are respectful and appreciated by the other people in attendance. Here’s some big don’ts for when you head out to your local car show; if you follow these guidelines it’ll be more fun for everybody.

Touching A Car Without Permission

Owners will often spruce up their vehicle in advance and spend a lot of time doing detail-work. Don’t lean on a car unless the owner says it’s okay (and don’t let your kids climb around on it, either).

Spending More Time Taking Pictures Than Actually Looking

This one speaks for itself. People show up with a camera and shove themselves in the middle of people actually having fun and blocking others’ view to get the perfect shot.

Being Rude to Local Businesses

Sometimes shows will take place in a local spot’s parking lot, so any goofing around and loitering that may scare away customers is a big no-no.

One-Upping Other People

Don’t be a jerk if you have the best car, don’t mock other people’s makes and models or paint color choices or what-have-you, and don’t kick up tire smoke with a burnout to show off.


Don’t be the reason car owners have to lock up all their belongings ahead of time. Just respect people’s property.

Most car show guests are awesome – and we at Gurley Motor Company bet you are too! Just keep these tips in mind for when you attend the next one.

Common Car Show Guests That People Hate
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