Keeping Your Car Clean
Keeping Your Car Clean

Car owners know that, try as you might, keeping your car clean can feel like an impossible feat. Whether it’s french fries under the seat, road salt on your floor mats, or fingerprints all over the windshield, there’s always something not quite right. Have no fear, clean freaks! A better, brighter, tidier path exists—let Gurley Motor Co. show you the way with a few quick cleaning tips.


  1. Clean vinyl or plastic-based surfaces with a toothbrush; this will let you get a good, deep clean without damaging the texture.
  2. Get animal fur (or human hair for those of you who shed more than others) out of fabrics using just a spray bottle and a squeegee; spritz until it’s good and damp, then scratch out the fur with the squeegee (more effective than a vacuum!).
  3. Get your mats looking factory-fresh by spraying them down with a stain remover than running them once through the washing machine.
  4. Keeping your car clean on the outside is easy too: prevent smears on your windshield by wiping down your windshield wipers with a cotton ball doused with rubbing alcohol.
  5. Regularly replace your vehicle’s air filter to keep your car smelling fresh, and go the extra mile by leaving a partially-open jar of baking soda hidden under a seat.
Quick Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean
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