Decorating Your Car for Halloween

Looking for a way to celebrate the fall season? Consider decorating your car for Halloween. There are a number of ways you can transform your ride to not only make it stand apart on the road, but also to show your enthusiasm for the upcoming spooky holiday.

First, according to wikiHow, it’s best to choose a theme. For example, you could try to replicate the general impression of the Batmobile by using dark colors, bat wings, and more. You should also consider the audience of your decorations. Or, to put it simply, think about non-scary themes if you have little ones. For instance, Disney movies like Frozen and Moana are easy to evoke with the right colors and images. Above all else, don’t combine multiple looks—stick with one dominant theme.

Be safe on the road. Though it can be fun to go out for the holiday, be sure your decorations don’t obstruct windows or lights. We advise against loose-hanging cobwebs and other decorations that can easily blow away and obscure another driver’s field of vision.

Finally, decorate the inside as well. You can get fun items for your dashboard like skeletons and cobwebs; many companies make Halloween-themed steering-wheel covers too. Add some spooky music once you’re inside and you’ll have one scary ride.

At Gurley Motor Co., we can’t wait for the upcoming holiday season. Be sure to stay safe during Halloween and have fun decorating your car.

Decorating Your Car for Halloween: Dos and Don’ts

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