Ford’s Robotic Butt
Ford’s Robotic Butt

Seat comfort and durability are major issues in modern vehicles, and no automaker is working to improve them more than Ford. Ford’s robotic butt aims to test vehicle seats thousands of times to simulate years of wear. From there, Ford engineers use the data to construct more durable and comfortable seats.

Dubbed the Robutt, this invention takes testing seat comfort and durability to the next level. It simulates entering and exiting the vehicle 25,000 times, a decade’s worth of wear, in just three weeks’ time. Using the device, engineers have been able to map where drivers apply pressure while operating the vehicle.

Prior to the introduction of Robutt, Ford used cylinders that simply moved up and down to apply pressure. Thanks to this new technology, engineers can replicate how real people behave while in the driver’s seat.

“Using a metallic butt, we measure the deflection and softness of the seat when a person sits,” said Svenja Froehlich, Ford Europe durability engineer.

Robutt is designed to effectively simulate how seats experience wear and tear over time. Thanks to Robutt, Ford vehicles may soon feature seats that take comfort to a new level.

We here at the Gurley Motor Company are happy to see Ford going the extra mile when it comes to seat comfort! If you’re interested in a new Ford vehicle, stop by for a test drive today.

Ford’s Robotic Butt to Improve Seats
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