Smartphone Key Fob Technology
Smartphone Key Fob Technology

Ford is making waves with innovation as it dives into the world of technology. Ford has patented a phone case that lets you turn your smartphone into a key fob. The case would allow your smartphone to lock, unlock, and open the trunk, and could even unlock the car automatically when you get close to it.

While the key fob case would function much in the same way as a normal key fob, it would be one less device you have to keep track of and carry, and it’s much easier to keep track of your smartphone, and find it again if you lose it, than a set of keys.

The patent shows a basic smartphone case design with added NFC (Near-Field Communication) and UHF sensors that detect when the phone is in the proximity of the car. The UHF sensors would make the device compatible with older vehicles.

While many Ford vehicles with newer technologies like Ford SYNC® and other features will have access to dedicated smartphone apps that let them do the same thing, this will appeal to drivers of older Ford vehicles who don’t have the same comforts in their vehicles.

Ford has only recently received the patent for this device, so there’s no word yet on when it will reach the market, but we have high hopes this nifty piece of technology will be available soon. Give us a call at Gurley Motor Co. to learn more about Ford technology.

Ford Patents Smartphone Key Fob Technology
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