Ford Self-Driving Vehicle Program Teams Up with Postmates
Ford Self-Driving Vehicle Program Teams Up with Postmates

Over the last year, the Ford self-driving vehicle program has been growing. From a $1 billion investment in Argo AI to a new pilot with Domino’s Pizza, its success continues. The American carmaker is now conducting another pilot program with Postmates in order to learn how self-driving vehicles can change the delivery experience.


Throughout the pilot program, when consumers use Postmates to place an order, a self-driving vehicle could act as the delivery boy. This will allow Ford to study not only what the merchant experience must be like at the point of delivery, but also what the customer experience needs to be at the same point.


This pilot program is one of many announcements made by Jim Hackett, Ford’s CEO, during his speech at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It ties into the larger Ford vision, including the creation of a Ford Transportation Mobility Cloud, which is an open-source platform that allows cities and cars to communicate with one another.


According to Hackett, these types of pilot programs “will help [Ford] validate our self-driving business model by working with partners and reaching out to different communities and stakeholders to understand their needs, as well as how they can benefit from autonomous vehicles.”


While self-driving vehicles won’t be in the Gurley Motors Co. showroom anytime soon, it’s still interesting to see the big steps Ford is taking towards releasing this type of technology, and we are proud to be part of the Ford family.

Ford Self-Driving Vehicle Program Teams Up with Postmates
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