Ford Connected Car Open-Source Platform Set for Development
Ford Connected Car Open-Source Platform Set for Development

The future is here for Ford – and it looks like we’re all going to be connected. The American carmaker recently announced a number of initiatives during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show with the hopes to enhance connected car development. One of these is the Ford connected car open-source platform, which will off vehicle-to-everything communications for cities, cyclists, and automobiles.

Together, Ford is working with Autonomic, a Palo Alto-based self-driving car startup, to help develop the Ford Transportation Mobility Cloud, which will connect cities and cars together. This Mobility Cloud will be an open-sourced platform, which will allow companies and cities to join if they want to join the connected world the future is sure to become.

According to Sunny Madra, Autonomic CEO, and Rich Strader, Director of Enterprise and Emerging IT for Ford, the Transportation Mobility Cloud will also go beyond just connected cars to cities.

“We can help allow for millions of people to move into cities and keep streets less congested, not more,” they said in a recent Medium post. “We can connect people living in transit deserts to the city center for better jobs. We can manage our curbs better, remove parked and idling cars, and instead plant more trees and share fresh air with more in our community.”

While it’s an ambitious vision, Ford has a long history of not only building cars, but also building other technologically advanced vehicles. Our team at Gurley Motor Co. is proud to be part of the Ford family.

Ford Connected Car Open-Source Platform Set for Development
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