DIY St. Patrick's Day Projects
DIY St. Patrick’s Day Projects

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about some family-friendly crafts you can do around the house to celebrate. If you’re stuck on what it is you should do, never fear – here at Gurley Motor Co., we have a couple of our favorite DIY St. Patrick’s projects outlined here.


Fashion a leprechaun hat.

Style your children as leprechauns for St. Patty’s Day with ease. All you need to do is help them make their own hats. Grab a large sheet of green paper, along with a sheet of orange and gold paper each, tape, and glue. Fold the green paper lengthwise and cut along the fold, then place the pieces around your child’s head and secure it with tape. This is the basis of your hat. Just add the brim, a band of orange paper, and a gold buckle and you have your own leprechaun hat! After all, you never know – dressing up like a leprechaun might make it easier to find that pot of gold!


Make your own rainbow shaker.

Try and attract some local leprechauns with a beautiful rainbow shaker. Gather an old drinks bottle, colorful beads, bright stickers, various colors of tissue paper or ribbon, and tape. Put the beads in the bottle, and have your kids go crazy with the stickers, putting them wherever they please. Then, tape strips of the tissue paper onto the bottle’s neck, and you have a fun new shaker that your kids are sure to enjoy.


From all of us at Gurley Motor Co., we hope you have a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Projects to Do With The Whole Family
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