Ford SUV Factory Gets $25 Million Investment
Ford SUV Factory Gets $25 Million Investment

Ford is looking to become even more competitive in the SUV market – and it’s doing so with a $25 million investment at the Ford SUV factory in Louisville, Kentucky in hopes that it will assemble more of the big SUVs that will challenge its biggest rival, General Motors.

By using this investment, the American carmaker will be able to increase production of both the new Ford Expedition and the Lincoln Navigator by 25% compared to what the company was planning last fall, when the two redesigned SUVs first hit dealerships like Gurley Motor Co.

“The Expedition and Navigator products are very important to both the Ford and Lincoln lineups,” said Joe Hinrichs, president of global operations for Ford. “It’s really important that this plant is able to produce more because we know we have this high demand now.”

According to Ford, this Kentucky-based factory, which also builds Ford’s Super Duty pickup trucks, creates vehicles that can generate profits that exceed $10,000 a vehicle. As the American carmaker begins focusing on developing more battery-powered cars and autonomous vehicles, which takes a lot of money, these earnings are important.

The most recent $25 million investment is on top of Ford’s recent $900 million investment that it already announced for the factory back in June 2017.

At Gurley Motor Co., we are excited to see what this new factory investment will bring to the table. If you want to check out all of the latest Ford models, like the ever-famous F-150, stop by Gurley Motor Co. for a test drive.

Ford SUV Factory Gets $25 Million Investment
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