Next-Generation Ford Focus Is Coming in 2019
Next-Generation Ford Focus Is Coming in 2019

Here in the United States, car shoppers are turning to SUVs and trucks more and more leaving many sedans in the dust. However, across the globe, small sedans are still some of the best-selling models. In fact, the compact Ford Focus is one of the best-selling cars in the world. That is what makes the next-generation Ford Focus so important.

The new model will be more advanced than ever and will have tons of available technology like adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlights that angle when the car turns, and possibly the ability to read traffic signs. It will also have a longer wheelbase, which will give passengers more space

Another major change is the fact that the Focus will no longer be built in the United States, but will move to Chongqing, China and Saarlouis, Germany. This is not too surprising considering how much Americans have turned away from cars like the Focus. The Michigan Assembly Plant will not be losing out because the facility will be retooled to produce the upcoming Ford Ranger mid-size pickup for 2019 and the Bronco SUV for 2020.

These changes are all part of Ford’s global plan to reduce complexity and cut costs. It will also allow American facilities to focus more on the vehicles that Americans love—and you can find them right here at Gurley Motor Company.

Next-Generation Ford Focus Is Coming in 2019
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