Some automakers are looking at expanding in foreign markets, but Ford is keeping its focus right here in the United States. The automaker confirmed to shareholders that the manufacturing facilities in Detroit weren’t going anywhere. In fact, Ford’s Detroit presence will expand in the near future.

Ford’s Detroit presence is expanding, and it appears the automaker is starting by buying the long-vacant Michigan Central Station. Officials didn’t provide much information into how the company intends to use the train station, but we expect it has something to do with putting a greater focus on all kinds of mobility.

“As a company we are in a race for talent when it comes to the vehicle, software and data engineers that are developing the autonomous technology and creating mobility experiences and services that will transform the way people connect and interact,” Ford Motor Company told shareholders.

The purchase of Michigan Central Station follows Ford’s acquisition of The Factory building. The automaker has big plans for that building, and confirmed the facility will house more than 200 electric and autonomous technology employees.

Team Edison, Ford’s electric vehicle team, are working towards bringing 16 electric vehicles to the market by the 2022 model year. Ford officials declined to comment on the development of its upcoming electric line.

At Gurley Motor Company, we’re glad to see that Ford isn’t forgetting about its roots in the Detroit automotive industry.



Ford’s Detroit Presence to Expand
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