Back in 2010, Ford set a lofty CO2 manufacturing emissions reduction goal for itself: It aimed to reduce its global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its manufacturing operations by a whopping 30% in 15 years. As of last month, Ford hit that goal a full eight years ahead of schedule, more than twice as fast as expected.

In total, Ford has reduced global manufacturing CO2 emissions by more than 3.4 million metric tons since 2010. How? A number of initiatives brought Ford success, including updates to paint operations, the introduction of Minimum Quantity Lubrication, and the installation of more than 100,000 LED light fixtures.

“We are proud of the work we have done to achieve this goal,” remarked Bruce Hettle, group vice president, manufacturing and labor affairs. “We’ve made several improvements to our manufacturing operations—from the lighting we use to plant consolidations—all of which played a role in dramatically reducing our CO2 footprint.”

Ford has another lofty goal that it is on target to hit: It is aiming to invest $11 billion to introduce 40 hybrid and all-electric vehicles globally by 2022. This is a part of the future that Ford envisions where all vehicles will take some or all power from an electric source.

Ford’s endeavors to lower its carbon footprint also means we get to benefit from more efficient vehicles. Explore the automaker’s lineup at Gurley Motor Company!

Ford Reaches CO2 Manufacturing Emissions Reduction Goal—8 Years Early
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