More and more we see vehicles on the road boasting the stick figure family, proudly displaying all of the members of their family and usually with something that signifies their job or sport they play. Did you ever stop to think that these could be putting those that you love so much at risk?

Police are trying to warn people that you may be giving away information you don’t intend to criminals that could use it to their advantage. Does your stick family include a mom or dad in a military uniform? Criminals could see that as that person being away making your family an easy target. Picture of a small dog? They realize that it isn’t a guard dog and won’t attack them.

These stick families can say a lot about you in combination with other stickers or items in or on your vehicle. You might be telling where your children go to school, where you work, or even where you live. It is definitely a way to be proud of your family, but it is also good to be aware of the danger.

What do you think of stick figure family warnings? Are you concerned? Share your thoughts with us here at Gurley Motor Company!

Is your stick figure family putting you at risk?
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