Route 66

The first day of summer is quickly approaching meaning school is finished, vacation days are begging to be used, and a strong case of wanderlust is beginning to set in. This summer, why not take your family, friends, or that special someone on an incredible adventure in your own back yard: Route 66.

Route 66 is one of the original U.S. Highways and is certainly the most popular. Covering over 2,440 miles, Route 66 is packed full with beautiful sceneries, historical artifacts, and several different cultures. It is the perfect place to explore, make new memories, and have the adventure of a life time. However, before you embark on the ultimate road trip, there are a few essential items you will want to pack.

A Map

With technology being where it is chances are you have a GPS or a smartphone with some type of map technology downloaded on it. However, as useful as technology is, it does die, go out of range, or just decide to stop working from time-to-time. It is always a good idea to keep and atlas or traditional map handy just in case. If, by chance, you do forget to pack one, gas stations and other roadside stations generally still carry them.



Whether you want your favorite tunes for the road or to stop and watch a movie under the stars, entertainment works wonders for turning a great trip into an amazing trip.


Pack plenty of snacks for this trip. As fun as it is to stop at local dinners, you will want to make sure you have food to munch on during the longer stretches of the highway.

Toiletries and First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. This is just a fact of life. Make sure you are prepared for an unplanned overnight, being stuck traffic, or an accident in the car with a first aid kit and other essentials such as toilet paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, any prescription medicines you need, and lots of water.

A Camera

The west is one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. The terrain along Route 66 has everything from mountains to desserts, stars as far as the eye can see, and indescribable sunsets. Be ready to capture and save every moment. You won’t want to forget this trip.

With these five essentials in hand you are ready to explore. Go, have fun, and remember “adventure is out there”!

What do you think is essential for road trips? Is there an item you would never road trip without it? What’s the weirdest it you have taken on a road trip? Share your answers here at Gurley Motor Company. We would love to hear from you!

Get Your Kicks on Route 66: Road Trip Essentials
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